How to override Epson printer low ink on Mac?

In case you are an existing Epson printer user, you might know that Epson Printers might give you a tough time while you work on them. Although an Epson printer is supposed to work just right but sometimes due to an external or internal issue, it may start showing you certain error messages. One such error message that Epson printer users may often come across is the “Low Ink” error. So, if you want this error to get fixed, you should read this post till the end because here we have discussed the ways to eradicate the “Epson printer low ink override” error using the best method.

Override Epson printer low ink on Mac

Note: this article is specifically for those users who are using a Mac device to take the printout

What does the “Low Ink” error mean on an Epson printer?

In order to get rid of any issue, you must know the root cause behind the issue because without knowing the root cause, you will never be able to resolve the issue. At the time of installing Epson software through the help of a CD, the software lets you know about every bit of the problems you might be facing. Since this software is the only piece of establishing a communication between your printer and the PC, therefore if it shows any error, you immediately need to take action for fixing it.

Thus, if you are using a Mac OS to operate your Epson Printer, then you must know that it will display the “low Ink” error as soon as the ink in your cartridge has reached a certain level. However, this error continues to show even if you have re-filled the cartridges. Thus, uses need to take action to stop seeing this error because an Epson printer won’t print in the presence of this error.

Easy way to fix the error

Whenever you come across an Epson printer low ink override error message, you can use the steps given below to fix it:

  1. The first thing you need to do in this situation is to clear or stop the print queue.
  2. To do so, give a print command from your printer.
  3. To give the command, press the ‘Command’ and ‘P’ keys simultaneously.
  4. When you see a new window, choose the Epson printer model.
  5. And, go to the “Copies and Pages” tab on the window.
  6. Here, locate the option reading as “Disable Epson ink status monitor.”
  7. Select the same as soon as you locate it.
  8. You must save these settings and you are done.


In case you continue to see the error “Epson printer low ink override”, then there is one more solution you can try i.e. stopping the complete print queue. You can also use the ‘Epson Printer utility’ and enable the ‘permit temporary black printing’ setting from there. One of the ways would definitely help you to fix the issue on Mac.

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