How to bypass ink cartridge on Epson printer?

Ever heard of bypassing ink cartridge on an Epson printer? Well, this is a method that many Epson printer users choose when the ink in their ink cartridge runs low and the printer keeps telling them to replace the cartridge. Many people bypass ink cartridges on Epson printer when they want to use duplicate ink cartridges and they start to come across issues such as “Epson printer not printing” and many more. However, one should not practice this thing if he wishes to use the Epson printer for a longer time.bypass ink cartridge on Epson printer

In case you still wish to apply this method, then you may use the methods given below to bypass the ink cartridges. In today’s post, we shall have a look at different methods of doing so.

Ways to bypass ink cartridge on Epson printer

Method 1- Do a trick with the cartridge lid

  1. First of all, you need to open the lid of the cartridge
  2. At the same time, hold down the ink button
  3. When you see the ink holder move to its position, then you need to open the lid of the cartridge
  4. Make sure you are doing it with the same cartridge that is running low on ink
  5. After that, you need to close it
  6. But, do not remove the cartridge
  7. Next up, close the lid and print a test page

This is a proven method that is used by several users to bypass the ink cartridge. However, one should note that this method only works on those printers that do not have a microchip on the cartridges. If it is there, it will read the ink level, no matter which trick you try.

Method 2- reset the cartridges

The next thing you can try here is to reset the cartridge and see if it helps. To reset them, you need to first remove the cartridges from their original position. Once you do that, repeat the same process for each cartridge. Then, you need to check the copper contacts on them and see if it is in the same position where it needs to be. Once done with that, you need to check if there is a reset button above these contacts. Simply, press the “Reset” button and see if it helps. After you reset each cartridge, do the same for the rest of them.

Method 3- Shake the cartridges

  1. Without turning off the printer, you need to lift the printer cover
  2. Then, you need to pause the carriage and make sure it doesn’t move
  3. Next up, you have to take out all the cartridges one by one
  4. Do this by pressing and lifting the tabs that are present there
  5. After that, power off the printer and unplug the power cable
  6. Wait for some time and simultaneously shake the cartridges
  7. Re-insert the cartridges back to their original position


These were a few methods to bypass the ink cartridge on the Epson printer. If you found these methods helpful, then you may use them in the future, whenever you want. In case you are still having trouble printing with your Epson printer, then you should buy new cartridges immediately. However, one thing you should be assured of is that you buy original cartridges only as it will help you avoid any printing issues.

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