Fix Epson printer power light flashing continuously

Epson printers are manufactured with great printing technology and are being used on a greater level by a lot of users to get fine quality printouts. However, after a few months or years of operation, your printer might start giving you technical issues, be it a printer of any brand. Once you start getting the error, you immediately need to know the reason behind this error so that you can fix this issue without any more delay. Nowadays, many users have been finding themselves in a situation where they see Epson printer power light flashing continuously.

Epson printer power light flashing

This situation makes them think about what could be the possible cause behind this issue and what steps they need to take to fix it. Both of these topics have been discussed in detail in the sections to follow. So, if you are also eager to know why Epson printer power light flashing, then you can continue to read on this post till the very end.

The causes behind Epson printer blinking lights error

  • In case you have recently installed new ink cartridges in your printer and you have made some mistakes while doing so, then the cartridges might not have been installed properly. However, this issue is not quite big and can be fixed by simply reinstalling the cartridges in your printer. However, if doing this does not help resolve the issue, then you might need to get in touch with one of the Epson Printer Support representatives.
  • If the printer is busy and there are a lot of print jobs in the print queue then there are chances that you might see this problem on your printer.
  • Another reason why your printer’s power light is blinking continuously could be that some papers have been jammed inside your printer. To resolve this problem, you simply need to clear off the jammed paper or try the following remedies.

Ways to fix Epson printer blinking lights error?

As discussed above, clearing off the paper jams and re-installing the ink cartridges would help you resolve the Epson printer power light flashing issue with your printer. So, here is how to do that:

Solution 1- Reinstalling the cartridges

  1. Power on your Epson Printer
  2. Now, you have to lift up the scanner unit
  3. Next, you need to press the “Stop” button
  4. It’s time that you squeeze the cartridge tab
  5. Finally, it’s time to lift it up and pull it out
  6. Now, take the same cartridge
  7. Then, insert it into the holder
  8. And, push it firmly into its place
  9. When you hear the click sound, lower the scanner unit
  10. Again, press the “Stop” button

Solution 2- Removing the paper jam

  1. If there are any current print jobs, cancel them beforehand
  2. Now, pull out the paper tray off your printer
  3. Look for and remove any jammed papers
  4. After carefully examining and removing the bits of paper, push the paper tray in


In the end, we can say that getting rid of the Epson printer power light flashing issue is not a big task and can be accomplished by performing some simple workarounds. If you could not fix these issues by applying the solutions mentioned in this post, then you can also re-examine the printer carefully and look for any dust or debris that might be causing this issue with your printer. If that doesn’t help too, then you might need to take it to the service center and get this issue fixed.

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